Monday, December 5, 2011

1 tahun 11 bulan..=)

should i publish this entry?
because he still my friends.
he is the best!~

so sorry if i choose this way,
maybe this the best way.
im not sure if u read my blog again or not.
if u read this,
wanna said..

"saye tak pernah lupe tengok bulan"
talking to the moon..uh!~
dah lame tak nampak awak.
baru rase uum ni besar sangat.T_T.

sometimes,i wanna share a lot of story wif u like before,
but i try keep strong without u.
i want be independence girl.
yeah.takkan sket2 nak ngadu kat beb lagi.T_T

anyway,wish all the best to you my beb!!~
i never,never forget u...
because u means a lot for me..=)

take care!!.

-Terima Kasih Sudi Baca,Diharap Coretan Ini Bermanfaat Untuk Kita Semua-

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