Sunday, December 4, 2011

yes! couple with Allah!..more more JEALOUS anymore..!=)

last night,i meet my friends,because he wants repaired my,lepak kat galeri jap,nampak kapel 2 orang ni.opkos my friends Adriana Anessa and her BF.aku suke tengok diorang sebab diorang sweet.hoho.

alang-alang dah kawan tuh tengah repair laptop aku.duk dengan sepasang kapel nie,her bf ask me,why i changes a lot.i asked:

"changes?"means what?
"changes to be more good"

i still laughed..(my habit)..HAHA!.im just said:

"sebab Allah dah ketuk pintu hati aku,so aku takkan patah balik"

and this couple asked me,how i can do that?so drastik!..

"entah,kekuatan itu datang sendiri,kesedaran yang zaman lalai dulu,takkan ulang semula"

then,they said to me,they respect what im already done,uh!..ingat senang ke?eh!..hihi.

so,i tell everything what im already done,about my feelings and anything.i hope,they will understand that couple is not suitable for now,should study first and keep hoping for Allah.

but,they said not ready yet!..they also inspired me..wah!..but,thankful to Allah because HE give me strength until now..yes! couple with Allah!..more more JEALOUS  anymore..!=)

trust the ALLAH LOVE..insyallah!..Allah will give to us with new love from someone love HIM..TRUST HIM!,im try be alone semester 1..huhu.but,when we knows Allah always besides us,we not feel me!..

i believe the real happiness will come one day,with a lot of happiness,with more sweet story..

niat aku memang nak cari cinta sejati untuk someone aje,for my husband!!